I wish Ma could vote…

We are a nation of voters.  We vote for cutest baby.  We vote for best pizza.  And we, hopefully, vote for the President of the United States.  Originally only men who owned property could vote, i.e., white males over the age of 21.  When George Washington was elected in 1789 only 6% of the population could vote.  Luckily that is not longer true.  Now Ma can vote.  Previously I wrote about how women fought for the vote here.  Tragically, we don’t all exercise our right to vote.  The highest voter turnout in recent memory was in 2008 when 58% of the eligible people voted.  I think we can do better.

As citizens of a democratic society we have duties and responsibilities.  Some are demanded by law like paying taxes.  Voting while not demanded by law in this country, is both a duty and a privilege.  It is our contribution for living in a country that allows its citizens to elect their leaders.  Our foremothers fought hard and sacrificed much for women to be able to be recognized as responsible citizens, capable of voting.  Men no longer have to be white property owners to vote.  Our current election system is not without flaws, but that doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t count.  It is pathetic – and irresponsible – to complain about government while refusing to voice that opinion where it matters most, in the voting booth.

                        “Someone struggled for your right to vote.  Use it.”

                                                Susan B. Anthony

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, Camp Grandma Musings is having its very first giveaway!  Luzerne County Historical Society produced an exact replica of a Women’s Suffrage window sign poster used across our country a century ago. 

 I can only imagine what a woman must have been feeling when she hung this poster in her the window or on her porch after registering to vote in the 1920 election.   To participate in the contest drawing, just go to the upper right corner of my blog, click on the comment button and leave me a comment.  On Monday, October 19th, I will have Mr. Smith draw a lucky winner at random.  Wednesday, October 21, I will announce the winner.  I will mail the winner an 11” x 17” poster printed on heavy parchment cardstock.

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, exercising your voting privilege is a beautiful thing.  You can vote right, left or center, just please vote.  As the saying goes, vote like your life depends on it. 

C’est la vi

13 thoughts on “I wish Ma could vote…

  1. I’m dropping off my mail-in ballot tomorrow. On my bulletin board, I keep an 8.5 X 11 photo of two serious-looking young Black men, one of whom has VOTE written across his forehead. The text says: “The blood of free men stains my ballot sheet. Whatever others may do, I shall not carelessly make my mark. I vote not because I can, but because I must. Those that died for this – my voice in government – had a right to expect that I would prepare with every faculty to use it wisely, honestly, and courageously. They did not die that fools, blind partisans of the reckless, might make a game of free elections. I vote as if my ballot alone decides the contest. I may lose my preference, but I will not throw away my sacred vote. For within the voting booth I hold in my humble hand the living proxy of all my country’s honored dead.” (unknown) Thanks, Stormy, for addressing the issue of voting here in your blog. So many people, known and unknown, have worked so hard to make possible the simple act of voting. I have, in the past, taken it for granted. THAT won’t be happening again!!


    • Good morning, Barb. Like you, I’m not sure I always realized how sacred the act of voting is.. And I love your quote. So many people worked hard for us to be able to vote. I hope you are staying safe and getting some hikes in. Thanks for reading…


  2. I agree! Educate yourself and vote. I don’t recall a time I’ve missed. Never missed a National election but maybe a school board election. It’s not only a privilege but an honor. 🇺🇸
    You have a great blog!


    • Hello, Mary Louise! It’s difficult to fathom that once upon a time not all that long ago women were not allowed to vote. I wonder if I would have had the strength to be a suffragette. Thanks so much for reading…


  3. Love the poster! I have never missed a Presidential election! Mail in ballot already mailed and checked to see if if had been received.


    • Hi, Sandy. We’re still waiting on our ballot in Pennsylvania, but it was amazing to be able to track my primary ballot on line. And yes, I love the poster. Hope all is well and you are staying safe.


  4. dear auntie. love this entry. nicely slayed! (please don’t enter me for poster, but wanted you to know i thought it rocked!) and yes, we definitely need to exercise the rights that so many worked SO hard for. understatement deluxe. thanks for keeping it 100. xo


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