midweek musings…

Mr. Smith is a morning person.  Whereas I prefer to ease into the day, he normally hits the ground running.  During my solo fall break visit with my sister, he and I connect daily, usually in the morning.  Yesterday morning while I was still lying in bed, thinking about what to do with my day, I sent him a good morning text.  He immediately responded with a phone call.  He was particularly chipper and often had me laughing during our exchange.  He ended the conversation telling me he hoped that whenever I thought of him throughout the day that I would chuckle. 

Chuckling is defined as “to laugh softly or amusedly, usually with satisfaction.”   In these days of pandemic fatigue, doesn’t that sound lovely, a bit corny and old fashioned, but lovely?  A good sense of humor can lift the spirit of us all during challenging times. Throughout our 42 years of marriage, there have been some challenging times, but luckily for us, we have (usually) been able to find the humor in the situation – good or bad.

One such occasion was 42 years ago.  On an unusually warm early May evening, Mr. Smith and I were enjoying a picnic dinner at beautiful West Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We had finished our repast and were lingering, enjoying being outside in the fresh air.   He did seem a little nervous as he leaned in slightly from across the table and started talking about our relationship.  He sounded a bit disjointed and I was having a little trouble following until he came to the end of his speech and said, “I guess that’s my proposition.”  I took a breath, smiled at him and asked, “Is this a proposition or a proposal???”  We both laughed while he quickly assured me it was a proposal.  

It seems to me that today’s proposals are often over the top, orchestrated and choreographed events.  While I acknowledge that may work for some who desire more elaborate reminders of “the moment”, I will continue to be amused by (and cherish) my innocent, stars in our eyes “proposition” at a park picnic table and chuckle.

C’est la vie.

10 thoughts on “midweek musings…

  1. Hey Stormy! I have been following your blog and I think your posts are really good. I am nominating you for the Liebster Blogger Award. This will enable your blog to reach a wider audience. You can find out the details on my blog.


  2. What a wonderful memory! There does seem to be a number of “over the top” events these days. I prefer the sincere and the simple. I also agree that a sense of humor – a good laugh – a little chuckle – can enrich our days and smooth the bumps along the way. A good laugh feels so good! Enjoy your day, and I hope it is filled with some really hearty chuckles!


    • Thanks, Betty. We had better keep our sense of humor or we’re going to have a hard time surviving the next several months.
      I loved the definition of chuckling. Words are so interesting and I don’t always know their precise definition. I subscribe to Word Genius – A Word a Day and enjoy discovering new words. Hope you are having a fine week.

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