Rainy days and Wednesdays…

midweek musings…

It’s a rainy, gloomy day here in Wilkes Barre.  Luckily, my midweek musing from a couple of Wednesdays ago about pen pals and how I love to receive snail mail worked some magic!  Since then I’ve received letters from two sons, drawings and letters from three granddaughters and a wonderful card from a friend that made my day.

Today I mailed off notes to my granddaughters and grandsons with some activity sheets. I want to give a big shout out to the New York Public Library.  For the second time during quarantine, I received an email with free printouts for kids. There are crosswords, word searches, mazes and a fill in the blank to write your own version of Goodnight Moon.  I am including the link so you may also enjoy!  My favorite is the Library Logo Lion Mane Maze. 

During the Great Depression, Mayor LaGuardia named the beloved lions who guard the 42nd Street library Patience and Fortitude for the qualities he felt New Yorkers needed to get through a difficult time.  The lions are still standing strong.  

The quarantine continues but the warmer spring weather has allowed Mr. Smith and me to get out walking more often.  This past Sunday the skies above were a cornflower blue with giant puffy clouds and a temperature near 80 degrees.  Wilkes Barre is the home of Wilkes University and on a late afternoon stroll, we explored much of the campus that normally would be crowded with students.  We came across this statue of John Wilkes wearing the appropriate PPE.  Wilkes Barre was named in honor of John Wilkes and Col. Isaac Barre, two members of British parliament who heroically defended the American colonies in tumultuous parliamentary debates during the Revolutionary War.

I hope you are all weathering the shelter in place all right.  I have my good days and my not so good days.  Luckily more good days than not. I am taking great comfort in a routine.  I look forward to sharing a morning coffee with Mr. Smith before he braves the outside world.  It helps me to have somewhat of a plan for the day.  Years ago, I created a chart designating specific chores for each workday.  I usually follow it. After a day of cleaning, writing or reading, I look forward to sharing a glass of wine and chatting with Mr. Smith when evening comes.  We are lucky people and we know it.

C’est la vie.

My three grandsons…

They arrived like a swarm of locusts, bringing their backpacks, sleeping bags and assorted other necessities. Three grandsons and their parents. They spent some time checking the place out.

I think he’s checking for spiders.

But then it was time for some exercise. We headed out to explore. There’s an amphitheater on the river front, but the boys found other ways to use it other than sit and listen to a concert.


I was not up to their level of action, but I did manage (barely) to keep up with Sam on a walk across the Susquehanna. This is the Market Street Bridge that we overlook from our apartment. Built between 1926 and 1929, it was intended as a memorial to veterans of the First World War.

After getting some fresh air, we returned to our apartment where Eli quickly discovered what I believe is the best seat in the house.

Eli’s all comfy.

I think Henry also likes my reading spot.

After the boys had their dinner, Henry, Eli and I took a walk to the bookstore, giving Grandpa Nick an opportunity to start preparing the adults’ dinner of Tournedos Sautés Aux Champignons from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Requested by Emmet, it’s also one of my favorites and it’s delicious. There were no leftovers.

When the boys were in their PJs and the popcorn was ready, Grandpa Nick went in the den to help them find a show to watch. Our grandsons were quite appalled that grandpa and I didn’t have On Demand tv! Somehow they survived.

Sunday morning, Grandpa Nick made scrambled eggs and bacon for everyone. Then we piled into our cars and drove to Frances Slocum State Park for a hike. We chose the Lake Shore Trail. Sam was quite an eagle eye, spotting the yellow marks on the trees to keep up on the right path.

A boy and his stick…

After our outing to the park, it was back to grandpa and grandma’s for a little lunch before they loaded up to make the trip back to Maryland. It was definitely a whirlwind 24-hours. Our grandsons did say they really liked our new apartment, they just wish we had an Xbox!

C’est la vie.