My three grandsons…

They arrived like a swarm of locusts, bringing their backpacks, sleeping bags and assorted other necessities. Three grandsons and their parents. They spent some time checking the place out.

I think he’s checking for spiders.

But then it was time for some exercise. We headed out to explore. There’s an amphitheater on the river front, but the boys found other ways to use it other than sit and listen to a concert.


I was not up to their level of action, but I did manage (barely) to keep up with Sam on a walk across the Susquehanna. This is the Market Street Bridge that we overlook from our apartment. Built between 1926 and 1929, it was intended as a memorial to veterans of the First World War.

After getting some fresh air, we returned to our apartment where Eli quickly discovered what I believe is the best seat in the house.

Eli’s all comfy.

I think Henry also likes my reading spot.

After the boys had their dinner, Henry, Eli and I took a walk to the bookstore, giving Grandpa Nick an opportunity to start preparing the adults’ dinner of Tournedos Sautés Aux Champignons from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Requested by Emmet, it’s also one of my favorites and it’s delicious. There were no leftovers.

When the boys were in their PJs and the popcorn was ready, Grandpa Nick went in the den to help them find a show to watch. Our grandsons were quite appalled that grandpa and I didn’t have On Demand tv! Somehow they survived.

Sunday morning, Grandpa Nick made scrambled eggs and bacon for everyone. Then we piled into our cars and drove to Frances Slocum State Park for a hike. We chose the Lake Shore Trail. Sam was quite an eagle eye, spotting the yellow marks on the trees to keep up on the right path.

A boy and his stick…

After our outing to the park, it was back to grandpa and grandma’s for a little lunch before they loaded up to make the trip back to Maryland. It was definitely a whirlwind 24-hours. Our grandsons did say they really liked our new apartment, they just wish we had an Xbox!

C’est la vie.


Our grandsons (and their parents) are coming to visit!  This weekend Mr. Smith and I will host our first overnight guests in our new abode.  We’ve been planning the menu, the sleeping arrangements, and thinking about outlets for Eli, Henry and Sam’s impressive amount of energy.  The boys are eager to see our new home and I’m excited to show them around.  I’ll give them the grand tour, show them the mail room and let them check out our view.  I think the intrepid spiders on our tenth-floor windows should keep them entertained for a few minutes!

When I popped into my coffee shop on Monday, I was excited to see a poster for the 10th Annual Chalk Fest!  It’s happening this Saturday and right across the street from our building on the River Common.  We had already been planning a walk along the river and over the bridge to a playground, so this segues in beautifully.  

I’m ready with board games, puzzles, cards, play doh, crayons, markers, etc. They’re going to help me make some dinner party favors. My plan is that after a few hours of running around outside, they’ll be ready for a little down time.  If things don’t go according to my plan, I’m ready with plan B and I’ll take them for a walk over to my bookstore and let them each pick out a book.

While surfing the web and looking for a fall craft or two, I came across several articles by grandparents who were less than thrilled with their grandchildren’s visits.  They complained about the noise, activity level, mess, etc.  This makes me sad.  Kids are kids, they are not mini adults.  Best to maintain a sense of humor and have a plan. 

Whenever any of our grandchildren are coming for a visit, Mr. Smith and I may think of the quote from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly is arriving early at work and the cry goes out “Alright everyone, gird your loins!”  But then we take a deep breath, lean into the crazy and have a good time.

C’est la vie