A Congenial Table…

“It’s interesting how things like china and crystal (“good dishes”) were so important at one time”

I received the above response along with a polite thanks but no thanks from one of Mr. Smith’s siblings in response to my inquiry as whether someone would like to have a few pieces of Grandma Pat and Grandpa Bud’s wedding crystal. Many, many years ago on an anniversary, the grandparents gifted each of their eight offspring with a few pieces of this stemware.

My sister and I are gearing up for a big moving sale, but it didn’t feel right to put my in-laws’ crystal out to be haggled over. Luckily, one of Mr. Smith’s brothers is now in possession of what was once a treasured possession of his parents. While I proudly wear my crown of “the woman with a glass for everything”, my goal is have next to nothing stored away in boxes that my children will have to offload after my demise. If I don’t have space to have it out and easily accessible, I want to pass it on as was the case here.

Registering for fine china and crystal was once a rite of passage for engaged couples and while many couples still register for wedding gifts, said list may now contain more everyday useful items, fancy smart speakers, or high-tech appliances rather than 12 place settings of tableware. Two of our three sons registered for china and I’m happy they did. For Valentine’s Day this year, our oldest son pulled it out and set a festive table, along with party favors. But I digress…

I’m not sure where it originated, but I have a great affinity for pottery and china dishes and delight in finding a unique antique platter or bowl. Mixing in the older dishes makes for a more creative table scape. Entertaining may have become more casual, but it can still be beautiful.

While Mr. Smith and I own a plethora of wine glasses, we don’t have any 12 that match. I have more fun picking up vintage pieces that I spot at antique stores and take sales. I love serving my guests (and myself!) a glass of bubbly in a vintage flute. When setting a lovely table, they mix well with my Riedel wine glasses I bought at Target.

So relax my splendid progeny. You will not have to hire someone to cart off box upon box of dishes and glassware you have no interest in. But I sincerely hope you will look on the bottom of things in the china cupboard and pass them on to the designated recipient. It gives me great pleasure to think of my grandchildren one day using my vintage champagne glasses to drink a toast to Grandma Stormy. Cheers!

C’est la vie.

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