Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter. George Harrison

It has been a big week here at in the love nest.  On Monday, I received the first of my Covid vaccine shots.  A snowstorm the week before caused appointment cancellations, resulting in twice the number of people for each time slot on my appointed day.  When I arrived there were clusters of seniors, waiting to enter the building when their time slot was called.  Once you were inside, the process went extremely smoothly and in no time I had my shot, was scheduled for the second, and headed out the door.  The trials and tribulations of scoring a coveted spot on the list will become one of the shared stories years from now when we talk about the lost year, the Pandemic, and when we were vaccinated.

Another spot of excitement in my week is that I purchased a new shiny pink ride!  It has a basket, a bell, a cup holder and I love it!  I see myself tooling around town – off to the library, the French bakery or just enjoying the sunshine.

One thing it didn’t come with is a lock.  I need to hurry and pick one up because my precious pink bike was nearly stolen by a sexy Frenchman!

The week’s highlight, however, was seeing our energetic, creative granddaughter, Eleanor, for the first time in months.

Eleanor’s mother started the long journey to citizenship nearly five years ago.  On Friday while Eleanor stayed with Mr. Smith and me, her parents went to Philadelphia for Hsin Yi to complete her interview and citizenship test.  She passed!  They return in a couple weeks for her official swearing in ceremony.

Grandpa and I had a great day with Eleanor.  We sculpted with Play Doh, painted colorful pictures, baked and decorated cookies, went for a walk over our favorite bridge and took a relaxing bubble bath.  Eleanor did a fine job of making sure her grandparents were ready for a good night’s sleep.

So as the long winter begins to wear me down and I start to wonder if we will ever have fun again, here comes the sun and I say it’s all right!

C’est la vie.

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