Cheers to me…

A new year and a blog anniversary!  Two years of posting twice a week.  Through a pandemic and the corresponding lockdown, I somehow managed to stick to my schedule, despite most days feeling like Blursday.  There is a definite lack of novelty in my life these days.  No trips to the city, no parties or dinners out and no visits from the grandchildren.   When every day is pretty much the same as yesterday and you aren’t creating new memories, what is there to write about?  

That is what was going through my head while out on a walk with Mr. Smith a couple of weeks ago.  I shared with him that I was thinking of going to posting once a week instead of twice and trying to funnel my energies back into my book.  He was quiet for a moment before saying, “I don’t think you should do that.”  He encouraged me to keep posting twice a week AND get back to working on the book.   I should treat writing like a job and devote the proper time and attention to reaching my goals.  

Mr. Smith has long been my muse.  I had toyed with the idea of writing a blog for several years, but never got past the thinking about it point.  It was his Christmas gift three years ago of a vintage typewriter and a copy of John McFee’s Draft No. 4 that finally pushed me over the proverbial hump.  There is magic in seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.  When another person – especially someone you love and admire – has faith in your ability, it becomes easier to gather up your confidence and move forward.

As we walked along the Susquehanna River that day, I mulled over what Mr. Smith had shared.  He was correct that I had the time.  I love my little blog and had been wondering where to go with it.  I have no desire to “monetize” it, blogs with lots of ads drive me crazy.  I don’t want to link to Pinterest, imploring people to share and pin my posts.  I simply want to write a blog that keeps me engaged in life and that readers find interesting, but lately it seems tough to come up with blog topics.  As we continued walking and talking that day, I had another idea that I think is my solution.

Sunday posts will continue to be the staple, but Wednesday posts will follow a formula.  For at least the next year, the first Wednesday of every month will be a book(s) review.  Reading has kept me sane through the pandemic and deserves an earned spot.  The second Wednesday of the month will feature “A Congenial Table”.  I don’t want to give too much away, so consider this an amuse bouche!

I am excited about the third Wednesday, “Women of Consequence”.  We will visit women whose activities have created consequence whether through writing, social activism, talents or accomplishments.  The fourth Wednesday will be reserved for my stream of consciousness ramblings, “Midweek Mélange”.  On months that have a fifth Wednesday, it will be “Wordless Wednesday” when I post a favorite photograph.

I’m excited and a little (pleasantly) surprised to be starting my third year of blogging.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every read, share and comment.  

Happy New Year and cheers to you all.  

C’est la vie.

8 thoughts on “Cheers to me…

  1. Good Morning- Thank you for your decision to continue blogging twice each week. Def. a bright spot to see a new post. I understand the need to “mix it up”…I blogged (def. not on the level of yours) for a few years but tried to post 3X a week and ran out of things to write about. I want to start again…we will will see. Maybe once a week would be the solution…thank you for sharing your thoughts…they always help/inspire/entertain me. Cheers to 2021.


    • Good morning, Nancy! I can’t believe you were blogging three times a week. And I hope you start again. If you do, please send me the link.
      Yep, cheers to 2021 and hopefully a slow, much anticipated return to somewhat more normal life. Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a good week.


  2. WOW! Reverent bow to Mr. Smith. Your plan sounds solid and exciting! ¡FELICIDADES! You DID it! You’re doing it! Maybe a word about your book that some of us are hearing about for the first time…😊🙏❤️

    btw, I still haven’t followed the link to hack (I’m guessing) into a champagne bottle but you can bet I will! Thanks!


    • Good morning, Barb. Yes, I think Mr. Smith is a keeper. I do feel a great sense of accomplishment in marking my two year anniversary. My book is a “how to” on having your own Camp Grandma. In the same week, three people suggested to me that I write a book on organizing our family vacation. So I started. Then I stalled out, started the blog to keep me writing on a regular basis, and now I think I’m ready to get back to it. But one thing leads to another, and since working on the blog, I have lots of other book thoughts!!!
      If you do decide to saber a champagne bottle, please be careful and please take a video!
      Happy New Year and thanks so much for reading.


  3. happy anniversary! and congratulations! well deserved. love the plan for the future. love that you keep putting one word in front of another…consequences be damned… ; ) much luck (although you don’t really need it). thank you for the blog. you always inspire me!


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