midweek musings…

Mr. Smith and I have been savoring our daily walks in the crisp, sometimes downright chilly, fall air.  We remark on the beautiful foliage like the old folks we are. 

Photo credit to Mr. Smith!

 With the frightening surge in COVID numbers, we’ve also been talking about how to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas sans family.  We reminisce about holidays past, including Halloweens.  I understand Halloween during a Pandemic will be different for most and some traditions may need to be modified, but in the interest of protecting ourselves and others, I’m pretty sure we can still have some fun.   Visit a pumpkin patch, carve a jack-o-lantern, or watch a spooky movie, 

Our neighbor down the hall is observing Halloween and we don’t even have to wait for Halloween for a treat.  Her door sports a festive holiday wreath and she has a cauldron of candy set out for passersby.  I consider it a personal triumph each time I pass without sticking my hand in for a tasty treat.

Our granddaughters are decorating pumpkins.  Spread out on the kitchen floor under the supervision of their mom and dad, they got creative.

And our “fifties girls” were able to go visit their great-grandfather for the first time since the pandemic hit.

Halloween may look different this year, but there are still fall pleasures.  Shorter days mean more candles lit in our home in the early evening.  Cooler temps mean more soups in the crock pot.  And falling leaves mean fun for my grandchildren.

Happy fall from my beautiful granddaughter Elizabeth and me!

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “midweek musings…

  1. That picture of your granddaughter is awesomely frameable! I love those pumpkins they are HUGE! I’m so glad you can post your grandkiddos. I can’t post my grandsons yet at the request of my son and his wife. I got pictures of them decorating pumpkins as well. Last but not least I love your neighbor’s door decoration especially that cauldron of candy. Happy Halloween! 🦇


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