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Elections matter and 2020 will be like no other in our recent history.  People are voting in record numbers here in Pennsylvania. Combine the incredible turnout with running an election during a pandemic and I can only imagine the issues the Board of Elections must be dealing with.  I decided I wanted to step up and help so last month I filled out an application online to be a poll worker this Election Day. On Monday, I attended my first poll worker training session.  I left with a feeling of frustration and the beginning of a headache and I bet I wasn’t the only person.  Our “training” consisted of a 90-minute presentation by an employee of the company that provided the electronic poll books to Pennsylvania. When leaving, I was given an Electronic Poll Book User Guide. No discussion of election rules and procedures.  No COVID-19 guidelines.  Really?  This was my training?

A poll worker is only as good as their training, so I decided to be proactive and get my 65-year old self comfortable.  I called my contact at the Board of Elections to book another session.   Andrea, who originally contacted me to work on Election Day, got me scheduled and patiently answered all my questions including ones with regard to COVID protocol.  Her professionalism and expertise did much to put my mind at ease. I want voters to feel confident and at ease about their experience when they leave our precinct after voting.  A citizen’s vote is too important for them to leave wondering if their vote counted.

I will be ready to do my civic duty on November 3.  I served on a grand jury when we lived in Indiana and again when we lived in New York.  Both were fascinating experiences.  My guess is participating as a worker in our election process will be just as awe inspiring.  I am eager to put on a mask, roll up my sleeves and do my part. So, I will attend another training session and diligently study my User Guide to be as prepared as possible.  And I will bring hand sanitizer.

On a brighter note, we have a winner!

I am thrilled to announce that Julia T is the winner of the first ever Camp Grandma Musings give-a-way.  Julia, the replica of the Women’s Suffrage window sign poster is on its way to you!  Thanks so much for reading.

C’est la vie.

4 thoughts on “midweek musings…

  1. Thank you for being a poll worker. I’ve done it in the past, and it is a very long, but gratifying day. It is a front line view of our democracy in action. Stay safe! Enjoy your day!


    • Hello, Betty! It’s good to hear it was a gratifying experience, that is what I am anticipating. I love your phrase “democracy in action”. No matter our frustrations, we are lucky to live where we can voice our opinions. Happy Wednesday!

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  2. to my darling, devoted, small-d-democratically-inclinated, nation-aiding, republic-rallying, barrier-busting, vote-warrior & kinswoman… on behalf of america who may or may not realize how much she needs you (and a multitude of others like you) THANK YOU for doing what you’re doing. thank you for pushing through the not-knowing to get to more knowledge and setting an example for others of the direness of this moment in our as-yet-unwritten-history. let’s make sure we’ve done all we can so our kin down the line will say: they tried. they sure brought their A game there at the end.

    on behalf of those of us who can’t get out there–thanks for bringing your A game, auntie. you represent with aplomb!


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