It’s the time of the season…

Are you ready for Fall? Shorter days, crisp mornings and a wash of color on the trees are all evidence that fall has arrived.  Along with the cooler temperatures, it has brought amazing autumnal colors.  Skylines filled with russet, amber and crimson are everywhere.  Even the air smells different, conjuring up memories of marching band competitions, soccer games and pumpkin carving. 

Fall days make me yearn for coziness and comfort.  This Autumn more than ever I want to bring the beauty of nature inside and let it work its magic on my soul.  Nature provides something essential for our mental health in these stressful times, why not let Mother Nature do her thing.

I decided to start my fall decorating at our front door.  There are five apartments on each floor of our building.  Our apartment is down a long hallway, furthest from the elevator.  When I exit the elevator and turn right down the hall I am cheered by my simple but bright Indian corn door swag at the end of the hall.  I smile every time I spot it.  If you are looking for something more dramatic, there are hundreds of elaborate examples on Pinterest, but this year I’m keeping it simple.

I don’t keep a wreath from year to year because we have so little storage room, so the cluster Indian corn is perfect for me.  You can store it in an airtight container and save it for next year, but I will let the lucky local squirrels feast on mine.

In a nod to the bounty of the season, a beautiful bowl Mr. Smith and I purchased at a pottery sale in Glen Echo, Maryland is filled with faux fall leaves, gourds and pinecones I had on hand.  A ceramic pitcher that we purchased at the same pottery sale holds fresh cut sunflowers.   Add a candle for a welcoming glow on fall evenings and I have a fall vignette for the entryway that gives me just the hint of coziness I’m craving.


Our bar between the kitchen and the dining area is not used for dining, but a place I ofter perch in the evening, sipping wine while watching my darling chef prepare our dinner.  I knew I wanted something seasonal yet simple with candles.  For the money, I don’t think you can beat a bag of gourds and a bunch of seeded eucalyptus.  I love the subtle sage color of the eucalyptus, particularly when I add the colorful gourds.  When the sun goes down and I light the candles, it provides the perfect ambience for wine sipping and chef watching!

The same treatment works well on a dining table – I think of it as my five-minute centerpiece.

My beloved cloche is also decked out to celebrate the Autumn season. 

Fall is always the beginning of candle season for me.  We have beautiful glass hurricane candleholders in our windows with battery operated candles.  It took me a long time to make friends with these flameless wonders.  For most settings I still prefer real flame candles but having our window candles start to glow in the early evening is a daily pleasure I look forward to when the sun starts setting early and I don’t have to worry about dripping wax on the windowsill.

To bring Fall into our living room, I used a couple of pieces of pottery made by my first born.  I filled a shallow bowl with faux pumpkins and berries and placed some fresh cut fall blooms in a vase nearby.  A scented candle and I’m ready for a candlelit evening of relaxing with my favorite husband.

I am pleased with my simple fall decorating.  It has elements of fall, but I’m not left with a collection of purchased items that I need to pack away.  Candles add a little magic to any evening. A little music, a little wine and a tasty dinner prepared by Mr. Smith.  What more could I ask for?  Huh, I wonder if I can talk Mr. Smith into carving a pumpkin with me.

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “It’s the time of the season…

  1. Your decorations look very cozy. I enjoy candles, too! I also like the rich brown color of acorns. I’ll put those in a glass jar and then put that on a shelf. Now you know how fancy I am! Enjoy the beautiful fall!


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