When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people. Abraham Joshua Heschel

midweek musings…

There are minds superior to mine that can debate whether or not the internet is friend or foe.  While I prefer to read books than surf the web, I still think of it as my friend.  Thanks to the photo app, Instagram, I am able to welcome the day with a fun photo of a granddaughter from hundreds of miles away.

Good morning from Elizabeth!

Or perhaps a picture of my son’s first coffee of the day in his handsome handmade mug that he pulled out of the kiln the night before at pottery class.

With an active family and hungry blog, I use the internet daily.  Maintaining communication and accessing information has never been easier. I have solved many “how-to” problems thanks to YouTube.  The internet has been amazingly helpful to me in searching out background information for my blog posts.  But I guess I’m not as good as I thought!

In my ode to National Book Lover’s Day, I talked about wanting to find the book that my father had been reading during my mother’s pregnancy and that I was named after, that I had scoured on-line for to no avail.  The same day that post published, I received an email from my niece in California.  “Great blog post today auntie…found this…”. She had done her own internet search and found the cover of the book, the author’s name and the first page!  Following the clues that could be found in her amazing find, led me to Trove, Australia’s free online research portal.  I have emailed them and am eager to receive a reply.  

 Perhaps Beth finding this for her old auntie isn’t exactly a random act of kindness, but more a nod to her superior research skills, yet it certainly kind and made my day.  A true random act of kindness was another high in my week.  My daughter-in-law Becky delivers groceries for Shipt.  While already a thriving business before the pandemic, having groceries delivered in the age of coronavirus has been invaluable to many who don’t feel safe venturing out. It warmed my heart this week to hear that one customer had tipped Becky $70 when she delivered their order.  I hope she treated herself to a bottle of wine! Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s my age, but kindness wins every time.

Please check out my blog old Sunday when I tell you about the books I’ve been reading while I’m not on the internet!

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people. Abraham Joshua Heschel

    • Hi, Sheryl. That pic of my granddaughter was wonderful to see first thing in the morning. And yes, I love my son’s pottery. I’ve taken classes and never made friends with the wheel but he seems to have the knack.

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