COVID, Creativity and Coping

midweek musings…


The horrible COVID-19 has been with us so long, I unexpectedly find myself adapting to the “new normal” as if it were normal.  I rarely forget my mask anymore and I automatically social distance when queueing up at the post office or grocery without giving it a thought. While initially I found it difficult to read or concentrate on anything for an extended period of time, I have adjusted to the changes in my situation and am doing my best to bloom where I’m planted – at home, alone 80% of the time.  I suppose I’ve adapted.


I’m striving to focus my creativity on sewing and needlework instead of baking to avoid the infamous Quarantine 15, the extra pounds it’s rumored show up uninvited after a few delectable treats.  My handstitched Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren are finished!  Now it’s the delicate decision of who receives which animal.  My sister has already requested a squirrel and although she’s not a grandchild she is a grand sister, so I will comply.

Several weeks ago, I got a bee in my bonnet about making sundresses for my granddaughters.  The three sisters were happy to model theirs for a photo op!

Sweet little Eleanor’s will be on its way to her in a grandma box as soon as a book I ordered for her arrives so I can send it all together.   I already purchased another pattern to make Eleanor a couple of fall smock dresses – I’m thinking pinwale corduroy for one and velveteen for the other.  I think they will be fabulous with some great patterned leggings.

My next project is embroidering some vintage pillowcases with their name for each of my granddaughters.  On our walk yesterday morning, Mr. Smith and I discussed how to get the letters correctly aligned when transferring to the pillowcase.  He was most helpful.

My oldest granddaughter is also indulging her creative side.  Her other grandma owns a quilting store with enticing fabrics and fun accessories. Olivia completed her first quilt square this week.


There are still days that I find myself in a funk.  Mondays tend to be particularly uninspiring with Mr. Smith returning to work.  But apparently, I’m in good company.  Even Michelle Obama admits to suffering from low-grade depression during our challenging times.  So, in addition to limiting my exposure to the news, exercising, eating well and working on a creative project, I’m adding another dimension to my COVID-19 coping.  Back in December 2019, I spent more time than I should have picking out a date book for 2020.  I haven’t looked at that calendar in a couple of months.  Sadly, no dinner parties or trips need to be scheduled. Today I pulled it out and I’m going to use for my own hybrid of a gratitude journal.  Each day I’m going to write down one good thing that happened.  I don’t want to look back on this time and only remember the frustrations, I want to remember the good memories.  Visit my blog on Sunday when I’ll share a memory from high school.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

C’est la vie.

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