It’s all fun and games until the bobbin runs out…

Perhaps it’s that people have more time at home these days or perhaps it’s the necessity to wear a mask, but it seems people are not only returning to the art of sewing but new seamstresses are inspired each day to visit a fabric store and try their hands at a new skill. People all around the country are sewing masks and donating them to hospitals, nursing homes and others in need. They are also tapping into their creative side and returning to the art of designing home accessories and wardrobe additions. Once considered a basic, practical skill, sewing began to fall out of fashion. For many baby boomers, sewing skills were dim memories when they began to have their own children. These days, if you have a sewing challenge, there’s a You Tube video to help you solve it!

I did a fair amount of sewing when my sons were young. Baby gowns, night shirts and Halloween costumes were my specialties. But the boys grew older, I was busy and my sewing fell by the wayside. Sewing quarantine masks for Mr. Smith and me whetted my appetite to return to my old habit. When I mentioned this to my sister, she looked through her supply of patterns. I don’t want to call her a hoarder, but she passed onto me a little girl nightgown pattern that someone had gifted her back in the swinging 60s! The price of the pattern was 35 cents!

It was refreshing to peruse the fabric store in search of something other than mask fabric. I didn’t find anything that inspired me for nightgowns for my granddaughters, but I did find a dress pattern and fabric that I think will look amazing on them.

Whether it’s the pandemic or left-over inspiration from Project Runway, I’m having a fine time cutting, sewing and imaging what my girls will look like in their new dresses. And these days, I’ll take all the fun I can get.

C’est la vie.

1 thought on “It’s all fun and games until the bobbin runs out…

  1. Have fun! I’m in the market of buying a simple sewing machine without all the bells and whistles. The cheapest I have found is for $80 at Amazon. My mother sewed a lot. She made clothes for me and herself.


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