I’m walking on sunshine, whoa…

midweek musings…

I may not be walking on sunshine, but I am walking.  In an effort to shake my COVID-19 blues, I’ve added a morning walk with Mr. Smith to my routine, dragging myself out of bed each morning a touch earlier than I would like.  We were out for our daily constitutional on Sunday when I asked him what he had planned for the day.  He thought for a moment and then said, “I thought I’d spend the day with you!”  We both started laughing.  We are definitely pandemic pals, spending even more time together than we did pre-COVID.  Good thing we can find something to laugh about during this time or it would not bode well for our retirement years!

This week my trip to the grocery brought a smile as I scored some beautiful peonies.  I decided this is another sign life is going to be all right.

I’ve started working in earnest on the Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren.  I’m very happy with my charming little stockings and mittens. 

My goal is to have them finished by the end of the month so I can get started on my next needlework project.  I have ordered some hot iron embroidery transfers and vintage pillowcases and I’m going to embroider pillowcases for my granddaughters.  

Like so many grandparents, I have been missing my grandchildren and looking for ways to stay connected.  My sister shared with me a book she had sent to her 10-year old grandson out in California. She spotted Mañanaland in The New York Times.  It received rave reviews from The Times and her grandson, so I thought it might also appeal to my boys.  Rather than send them copies to read on their own, I have ordered one copy for me.  What I will send them is a box with ten numbered treat bags, one to be opened each FaceTime reading session with grandma.  I will read, they will listen and munch.  

To avoid any scheduling stress for the parents and grandma, I’ll read with my granddaughters separately and I’m still thinking about that book choice.  I’m considering a childhood favorite of mine, Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace. Originally published in the 1940s, the series was rereleased for its 60th anniversary.  I squealed out loud when I stumbled on my old friends in a bookstore and have been purchasing the series to share with my girls and I can’t think of a better way to shake off the pandemic blues.  

C’est la vie.

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