The times they are a-changin’…

midweek musings…

While the windows in our apartment were a huge part of its original appeal, I now appreciate them even more.  Currently in our sixth week of quarantine, the view of the world all around reminds me that while I may have limited access for now, I am still part of it.  I can see flowers blooming and trees turning green.  Pennsylvania has extended the shelter in place date to May 8. Though I am eager to be out and about, I will continue to hunker down, wear a mask when I do go out, and listen to Dr. Fauci.

It helps that Mr. Smith and I connect with our sons a couple of times a week via a group call.  The grandkids pop in and out, but this is mostly for the adults.  Last night we were able to wish Elliot a happy birthday, and since we couldn’t join them for fancy dinner or a slice of his delicious homemade chocolate birthday cake, I bought a slice for Mr. Smith and me to share.

Happy, happy birthday, Elliot!!!

My house is clean and organized, I continue with my morning exercise routine, and still have plenty of time for some at home beauty treatments.  If the product information on my twice weekly facial masks is accurate, I will be looking ten years younger when this is all over!

Like many women, I am at the point where my hair is starting to become an issue.  I am sorely missing my colorist and stylist.  In an effort to not go all Edward Scissorhands on my hair, I am keeping my hands busy working on some Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren.

For many years, Mr. Smith’s mother made Christmas ornaments for her grandchildren and then her great-grandchildren.  Last year with her health failing, she was aware she might not survive 2019.  She had ornaments all completed and wrapped, ready to be mailed out.  She did not survive the year, but her great-grandchildren all received an ornament.  I decided I would take up the tradition for my grandkids and am having fun working on these.

It is a stressful time for all of us, wondering what the future holds.  Things will never be the same again with regard to crowds, travel, dining out.  We may even hesitate when hugging our loved ones.  When I am feeling particularly overwhelmed, I think about the women in my life I have loved and respected and how they persevered.  During the depression my Aunt Ruby hitchhiked from Illinois to Texas with her husband and toddler son to try and find work.  For years as a single mom, my mother often worked two jobs to feed her five kids.  And my sister found the courage to make brave choices in her life from crossing the U.S. with four kids in a van to attend law school in her late thirties to later crossing an ocean to experience the challenge of a new culture and language in her sixties.  You can learn more about her philosophy on life in the upcoming Sunday blog post where she will be the featured Amazing Woman.  

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “The times they are a-changin’…

  1. Wonderful post❤️….love your large windows….beauty treatments, and especially loved reading about Pat Smith…..and other strong and courageous women in your family. Take care and thanks for shining your light🌅.


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