Easter is that one day it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket…

Even though Mr. Smith and I have celebrated Easter and other holidays on our own before, clearly this year is different. The omnipresent concern for our children and grandchildren makes me want to gather them to me even more than I usually do.  Once a mom, always a mom and that feeling of wanting to keep my children and my grandchildren safe doesn’t just go away when they reach 21.

This year my memories of our little boys dressed in their Easter finery when visiting their great-grandparents are particularly dear especially since their great grandma is no longer here to share this day.

I am also finding delight in memories of my amazing grandchildren and their past Easters.

And appreciating that while this Easter may be a quite different for all, some traditions remain.  There is still the dying and decorating of eggs and Easter baskets to be discovered.

COVID-19 be dammed.  Even though there will be no neighborhood Easter egg hunts or Sunday morning gatherings at local churches, my daughter-in-law, Becky, has made colorful new dresses for her happy girls to wear.  

Many years ago, I made a special Easter romper for my middle son, Becky’s husband, Elliot.  It was soft blue with a bunny and bright carrot appliqued on. Here is the only photo of Elliot in his outfit as he urped all over it moments later and attended Grandma Pat’s Easter brunch in his undershirt.

I realize your Easter or Passover will likely be celebrated differently this year.  Necessity is the mother of invention. We open our cupboards and look for the best ingredients.  We cobble together a special dinner and join our family and friends on our electronic devices.  We lift our glasses and toast to better days to come. 

C’est la vie.

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