If this is Wednesday, it must be Wilkes Barre…

midweek musings…

It is only week two of my quarantine and I already have to think about what day of the week it is. 

Since my gym is closed, I am starting each day with some exercise.  I go down the elevator to the lobby and then climb the stairs back up to our tenth-floor apartment where I finish up with some pushups, planks and stretches.  My first born suggested that I could try running up the ten flights.  I reminded him that I am 64 years old and will be kissing 65 on the mouth very soon and will be quite pleased with myself if I can walk up ten flights without having a heart attack.  Curiously, there is a chair on the landing of the eighth floor.  I wonder if Mr. Smith put it there in case I need a break.

We have been getting a fair amount of TV time in and the always timely New Yorker had just the right cartoon to help us with our program selection.

It seems redundant to blog about life during COVID-19, but it is inevitable.  The constant updates on the news, the recipes on Facebook, and the underlying worry make it impossible to forget.  My main worry is Mr. Smith who still goes to the office every day.   He is feeling fine, but he has a persistent cough due to allergies and some medication he takes.  Even though he is following CDC guidelines, he has seen the leery looks of people around him when he coughs.  He asked me to make him some masks.  Oh Mr. Smith, be careful what you ask for.  I can’t go fabric shopping, so I used what I had on hand.  My last sewing project was an apron for my granddaughter, Eleanor, so I used the remnants. I’m sure he will look as fabulous in my inaugural mask as I do!

How are you surviving the quarantine?  Are you spending all your time in your pajamas or have you started dressing up to take out the trash?

C’est la vie.

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