Pearls are always appropriate…

midweek musings…

I started my day this past Sunday the same way I start nearly every day when Mr. Smith is home.  He makes me a latte just how I like it – three pumps of vanilla syrup and a delicate dusting of cinnamon –  and I sit on my cushiony perch and sip it while checking email, etc.

Is it just me, or is your inbox exploding?  We may be social distancing, but there is no electronic distancing going on.  Dozens of retailers want to sell me just the right outfit to wear while “sheltering in place.”  And fashion/lifestyle blogs are currently full of advice on what to wear for video conferences or Facetiming friends or family.  Ultimately, I believe we must dress for ourselves as no one look is right for everyone.  I was in Washington D.C. last week, helping with the virus chaos of two parents working from home while trying to deal with three energetic boys who are out of school. The nine-year old twins exemplified the practice of dressing for yourself.  My grandsons and I went out each day for a long walk.  On one particular outing, Eli wore a dapper sport coat he had discovered at Nordstrom Rack and purchased with his own money while his brother, Henry, was happy to go out for his morning constitution still dressed in his dinosaur pajamas.  But big points for individuality and self-confidence. 

Personally, I find dressing up a bit can help make a gloomy situation a little better. When I woke up on Sunday, I put on my favorite caftan along with diamond studs and a string of pearls to defiantly face another day in a world derailed by COVID-19.  I may be wearing pearls instead of a sport coat, but I strutted around my little nest, just as confident as Eli, i.e., Mr. Cool.

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “Pearls are always appropriate…

  1. Oh, Stormy!! You are so gorgeous! I am so envious of your life, but more so how you enjoy it! Love, Darla

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