Leaving on a jet plane…

Regrettably I’m not leaving on a jet plane any time in the near future, but I am taking a vacation. My brain is on overload and I need a virtual vacation from the virus. Following the example of our local grocery store that is limiting your meat and poultry purchase to two of each item, I am staunchly limiting my news time and news sources, being careful not to get sucked down a black hole. Instead, I’m spending some time sorting through a big box of photos, thinking about vacations past and future, and social distancing from the virus for a bit.

Topless on the beach…
Definitely a Glamour “Don’t” look and the hair, oh my!!!
Me and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Camping with Mr. Smith
Beach boys!
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Cruising the British Virgin Islands.
No caption needed!
Toes in the sand, pretty sure there’s a glass of bubbly in my hand.

I strongly suggest putting down the remote, stepping away from the TV and getting out your old photos. While going through our overflowing photo box, I’m sorting out some random photos that I’m quite sure won’t be of interest to our children when we’re gone and sending them on to the folks in the photos. I’m hoping a sweet memory from the past will bring a smile.

And since Mr. Smith and I have faith that the current crisis will eventually pass, we are planning a fall vacation focusing on The Bay of Fundy, Gaspe Peninsula and Quebec City. Lots of hiking, photography and writing. Not sure I’ll be topless on the beach this time around, but I hope to have a glass of bubbly or two.

C’est la vie.

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