Love is in the air…

When I stopped into the post office to mail a package on Monday, I remembered to ask for some stamps.  The postal worker assisting me responded: “Love is in the air!”  For a split second I thought how great it would be if he and his fellow employees broke into song, a disco rendition of Love Is in the Air ala Tom Jones! What he did do is show me the valentine stamp offering which I quickly purchased.  Perhaps next time, a song.

I had another Valentine encounter on Tuesday at Target when I watched an extremely patient mother look on as her two young children carefully selected their Valentines to distribute to their friends and classmates.  She recognized the seriousness with which they approached this task and didn’t rush them or try to influence their choices.  That’s some great mothering.

Since love is in the air, everywhere I look around (read in Tom Jones voice), I decided it was time for me to get rolling on my V Day preparations.  I already have the requisite Valentine greetings ready to go to my grandchildren and I am digging out my heart-shaped cookie cutters for some fun cookie baking.  I already found the absolute perfect card for Mr. Smith and I’ll be preparing a special dinner for him on the day of love.  

All that is left for me to do is create my Valentine cloche.  Brainstorming what to put under the glass dome to create a holiday vignette is great fun for me.  My goal is to primarily use items I have already.  The Love Nest is short on storage space, so I prefer not to purchase still more holiday gewgaws and anyway, I like the challenge of using what I have in different, creative ways. This year I decided to honor both Valentine’s Day and New York City.  I have a beautiful Empire State Building statue that my sister Jeanne gifted me.  Mr. Smith and I have been in New York City on Valentine’s Day and I love looking up at the heart on the Empire State Building, so I added one!

I searched for other items that I have around the apartment that evoke New York City.  When my niece and I took the tour of the New York City Public Library, we visited the gift shop and I bought a Christmas tree ornament of one of the sentry lions.  There’s no reason a Christmas ornament can’t be shown a little love at Valentine’s Day. And luckily I had a tiny NYC taxi.  I was ready to start creating.

One issue with my cloche is that the bottom is not completely flat so items don’t always stand up the way you would like.  Years of working in a flower shop (thank you, Donna!), taught me where there’s a will there’s a way.  There is a lot of engineering involved in flower arranging and display design so I knew I simply needed to shore up my building and all would be well.  

With my New York City items in hand, I needed to add a few whimsical touches.  Some pink paper shreds for the bottom, chocolate hearts for fun, and in the background I hung a glittery heart that I cut out from a Valentine Mr. Smith had given me years ago.  The only things purchased were the paper shreds and the chocolate hearts!  I will save the paper shreds and I’m sure the chocolate hearts won’t go to waste.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  Do you send Valentines or bake cookies?  Check in on Wednesday to see a sneak peek at my Valentine tablescape and setting, complete with fresh flowers.

C’est la vie.

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