It’s not like 50 is the new 30. It’s like 50 is the new chapter. Sharon Stone

I will turn 65 this year.  At one point in time, I thought of 65 as ancient.  That I would be sitting in my rocker, easy listening music on the radio and waiting for my children to make that occasional, obligatory phone call to mother.  Boy was I wrong…

I do spend some time sitting on my favorite perch, looking out at the world below me, wondering what I’m going to do for my third act.  My children are all independent and thriving, there are no aged parents to care for and with the least responsibilities I’ve had in a long time, I’m searching for my next endeavor. This past Sunday I took several online quizzes with regard to life expectancy and it seems the internet believes I’m going to live to be 92.  I want to spend however many years I have left continuing to evolve and grow.

I’m not keen on being identified as a senior citizen.  The term congers up visions of someone who drives too slowly, dines at 5:00 p.m., and fills her evening with crocheting.  An alternative for senior citizen for women is “a woman of a certain age.”  Urban Dictionary defines that as “Ironically polite term for a woman who does not want her actual age known.”  The Oxford English Dictionary describes “a certain age” as a time “when one is no longer young, but which politeness forbids to be specified too minutely: usually, referring to some age between forty and sixty (mostly said of women).”  With all due respect to Urban Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary, I am claiming my age!  I am shouting from my 10th floor apartment “I am 64!” 

I don’t need you to dance around my age or give me a cute moniker. Please know that when I am obviously more than a decade older than you, I find your addressing me as “young lady” condescending and obnoxious.  I am not afraid of growing older and prefer that you look at me and recognize my countless life experiences that have brought me this far.  Aging is simply moving forward in life. 

In 2020, there are more women over 50 on earth than there have ever been.  The ones I know are pretty amazing.  For the next four months, on the first Sunday of the month, I will introduce you to a woman who has made powerful changes in her life at “a certain age”, sometimes through choice, sometimes not.  Please visit my blog on Sunday to meet Julia, a woman who is truly evolving, personally and professionally.

C’est la vie.

4 thoughts on “It’s not like 50 is the new 30. It’s like 50 is the new chapter. Sharon Stone

  1. Love this post and cannot wait to meet all of these fabulous women. I am exactly where you are in life and hoping for some inspiration to fill the coming years with meaningful pursuits.


    • Good morning, Nancy! I certainly find the women you will meet inspirational, but like you, I’m still on the search for my next adventure. Sometimes I think it’s niggling at me, but I’m just afraid to embrace it. Do you have anything in mind?


      • A bit of travel ….have to save my pennies to go every few years on a trip. I actually signed up for tour 2 yrs ago to Provence, France. Went my myself as my husband is not fond of travel ( I also do not have sisters or daughters so altho I have friends…they would go with a husband or family member). I finally just decided if I wanted to see the world, I had to do it NOW while I was healthy and could go. It was a fabulous adventure…the people on the tour were so nice, met 3 women I have stayed in touch with and in May the four of us are going on a tour to Spain and Paris. Very excited. When others found out I was going on the first tour alone, knowing no one…heard lots of “I could never do that”. I replied ” I can and I am”. Another goal is to try and find some type of exercise I actually like and will do…I hear that is the key to sticking with it and so far that has not happened with me. I still work and really love my job…I have lots of time off and flexability which is one of many reasons I plan to continue working. Finally I hope to spend time with our grandchildren and have a close relationship with each of them…they are absolutely my heart.

        MORE than enough about me…what are some things you are considering???


      • Nancy – that is amazing! Kudos to you for taking a tour on your own. And so fantastic that it worked out so well. I have never been to Spain, but it’s on the short list. I’ve spent some time in Paris and would love to go back. It is so beautiful. And how great that your work situation allows you flexibility and that you love it!
        Exercise is always a challenge. I like my gym and there is one particular instructor who runs a series of classes aimed at women 55 and old. Lots of core, balance and flexibility work. I have a monthly challenge with my oldest son to see who works out the most days in a month. More than once that has been the impetus for a trip to the gym!
        Travel and grandkids are high on my list also. I want to be more disciplined with writing and see where that leads. You just never know.


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