Bonne année…

Happy New Year to all of you and happy birthday to my blog!  

One year ago today I gathered my courage and pushed “publish” on my inaugural post.  I set a goal of posting twice a week and I am thrilled to say I met my goal!   It amazed me to hit the milestone of publishing 104 posts in 2019.

In my January 1, 2019 post, I wrote about starting the year with reflections instead of resolutions.  And 2019 gave me much to reflect on.  Mr. Smith and I managed the move from New York to Pennsylvania with minimal complications, but we are both aware that we won’t retire here so we spend some time contemplating and discussing where our golden years will take us.  And I lost my dear mother-in-law Pat in October and my sister Suzi in November.  The end of those lives gave me pause and reinforced that life is transient and not to be wasted.

During our recent Christmas road trip, in addition to an abundance of Christmas music, Mr. Smith indulged me with some playlists from the Seventies.  While listening to Carly Simon croon Anticipation, it struck me that Anticipation may be my word for 2020.  There are already some events on my calendar that I’m excited about. As a self-confessed planner, there is nothing I love more than having upcoming adventures to plan and organize.  I’m also excited about growing my blog.  Technology doesn’t come naturally to me, but I have some things I want to conquer this year and I anticipate success.  And if my awesome editor has her way, I’ll get back to work on my book.

I thank you all for reading.  I appreciate and treasure each and every comment.  I hope that 2020 brings you new adventures as well as a surprise or two.  Because as we know – these are the good old days.

C’est la vie.

9 thoughts on “Bonne année…

  1. Beautiful .. I have read some of your thoughts but I will do my best to try and read more .. May this year bring new adventures for you and Mr Smith (love that) .. Love of Family .. And as we all get a little older, Good Health !!


  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal! I want you to know I truly enjoy reading your blogs. Not only are they interesting, but educational for me as well. Educational in the sense of what to do with grandchildren. I never had children of my own, but now have 2 step-granddaughters so, coming up with things little people like to do is somewhat of a challenge for me. I’ve gotten some good ideas from reading your blog…thank you! Also, I want to tell you I’m glad I had the experience of being your friend many years ago. I have good memories of living with you on Madison & walking to the Blind Pig for a cappuccino on a cold winter day. We had some good times.


  3. I too enjoy reading your blog. You savor the simple things in life and go out of your comfort zone every once in a while. I should keep a log of your ideas of what to do to foster a relationship with my grandchildren. We have 11 weeks ( or so) be fore we actually see our little one.
    Happy New Year!
    Please pm me your address so I can add you to me Christmas card list. I have pared it down quite a bit but would love to send you and Nick one!


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