Wednesday’s child is full of woe…

I’ve always loved this little poem. I remember learning it from my older siblings and feeling quite clever when I could recite it on my own. Today this Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Mr. Smith and I arrived back in Wilkes Barre late afternoon on Monday. I had woken up with a sore throat that morning but decided it would be gone when I woke up on Tuesday. I had many projects I wanted to tackle and I’m lousy at taking time out to be sick. Unfortunately, my sore throat won and I woke up Tuesday feeling quite miserable. Not bad enough to justify staying in bed, but not feeling like hitting the gym and conquering the world. So I napped a little, made a pot of soup, and finished addressing my Christmas cards.

I did also make it down to the mailroom for the mail. While there were only four catalogs in my mailbox yesterday, it’s clear that the Christmas shopping season is in full gear. Check out my blog on Sunday for my musings on Christmas shopping for my grandkids.

C’est la vie.

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