The last acts…

I am on what I hope is my last solo trip to Michigan for the time being. Driving across Pennsylvania and Ohio on Monday was gorgeous. I’m not sure it was peak color, but Mother Nature certainly did her part to provide a spectacular backdrop for my drive.

After a day of hanging out with my sister Jeanne, she gamely agreed to accompanied me on my trip up to the thumb of Michigan today to meet a piano mover at my late mother-in-law, Pat’s, condo. When her husband, Bud, passed away in 2015, he had wanted our son, Adam, to have his piano. Pat had spent many delightful hours listening to Bud fill their home with their favorite music. In 2015, while trying to adjust to the loss of her husband and his companionship, she decided she was not yet ready to deal with the loss of his beloved piano too.

Grandpa Bud and Adam, circa 1987.

Now that Pat has passed, her children have the sad job of clearing out her home of over 20 years and putting it on the market. The process of going through a parent’s belongings is often a necessary part of the loss of a parent. While it seems straightforward, it can be a minefield. Each sibling comes with their own agenda. In the end, should it not be a labor of love and kindness? The last service you can offer a parent.

Mr. Smith and I believe our children may have at easier. We have downsized and culled our possessions through years of moving and our shrinking household. When we make purchases theses days, Mr. Smith is quick to remind me we’re no longer buying heirlooms. Our kids have made it pretty clear they have their own “stuff” and don’t need or want our leftovers. Except for Winged Victory. I think we may have to have a lottery for her.

C’est la vie.

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