Don’t forget your bathing suit…

There’s been a lot going on in my life as summer winds down.  Along with settling into our new digs, Mr. Smith and I celebrated our 41stwedding anniversary. I had a trip down to DC to hang with my grandsons while their parents took a short break and Mr. Smith and I spent a couple of nights in State College, PA, getting to know Eleanor a little better and exploring their new neighborhood.

But the biggest news of the last week is that we nailed down the location for Camp Grandma 2020!  The search for the “next” Camp Grandma usually begins on the drive home from the one that just ended.  I spend many hours on the internet, searching for the location that will fit our needs and our budget. Each Camp Grandma I learn a little more about what to look for in our accomodations.  In 2020, the age range of our seven grandchildren will be from three to ten years old.  While searching for our 2020 spot, I kept in mind their growing interests and abilities.  I wanted a place where they could swim, ride their bikes and have plenty of room to run and play.  It was Mr. Smith who found the winner – a lodge on 34 acres in Ohio with a separate party room.  Swimming pool, hot tub, two ponds – one for swimming and one for fishing – and over 6,000 square feet to spread out in.  When I showed the pictures to our grandsons with the playroom containing arcade games, a jukebox, ping pong and more, they declared it EPIC!  

Now my planning begins in earnest.  In January, I’ll send a letter to each of the grandchildren asking if they have any ideas for me, but my mind is already racing. We will again have Camp Grandma Book Group.  We’ll have painting day and Lego day.  I’m going to have a tea party where the grandkids will all get to choose a teacup from my collection to keep for their own.  There’s a large kitchen that will accommodate some group baking and Henry has requested we make cream puffs.  Adam’s wife, Hsin Yi, has offered to teach a class on making her yummy dumplings.  Since we have so much open yard space, I’m going to put together a Field Day.  I love planning Camp Grandma almost as much as attending!

Eleanor when she heard we found a location for Camp Grandma 2020!

I am as excited as Eleanor. We will share meals, take walks, corral children and have a bonfire or two. I hear it’s going to be epic!

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget your bathing suit…

  1. You truly are an inspiration. All your ideas are so great that I’m planning my Dec. visit in Texas with as many activities I can have with my grandsons and their Aunt Ariel. my daughter. The wheels are spinning.


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