Wednesday update…

The summer is flying by! I still have some summer fun activities on my to-do list and as tomorrow is August 1, I’d better get rolling on those or before I know it the leaves will be changing…

Three Sons and a Mother Book Group One thing I’ve had more of since I left my job the end of June is time to read. That’s not true for my sons so we have morphed our book group into a four seasons group instead of monthly. We still keep connected about books, but there’s less pressure to get something finished if they are overwhelmed with other responsibilities. This season’s read is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. We haven’t discussed it yet, so I’m eager to hear what they have to say. I finished it early and passed my copy onto Elliot. When he looked at the cover he cringed and asked if his brothers were EVER going to choose a book that wasn’t filled with “anguish”!

The Little Philanthropist Olivia has spent many hours of her summer running her lemonade stand. She is donating one-half of all income from the stand to The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana. Often assisted by her sisters or cousin, she has met her initial donation goal of $100 and has set a second goal of $200. She is currently up to $132 and I have no doubt she’ll succeed! As her grandma, I couldn’t be more proud…

My New Best Friend Everybody can use a best friend and here is mine! City living is different. You park in the parking lot across the street and have to haul your groceries (and wine) across the way, into your building and up the elevator. I’m happy to have a best friend who is always there to help. Although I am wondering if she’ll require snow tires in the winter!

Progress! Mr. Smith and I are settling in and are excited that we will host our first Sunday dinner guests in our new home this coming Sunday. Adam and family will come for a visit. We’ll walk along the Susquehanna, keep Eleanor from climbing on windowsills and enjoy time with family.

And speaking of family, please visit my blog on Sunday when I introduce you to the woman who has been the greatest influence in my life and my prime example of loving with your whole heart.

C’est la vie.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday update…

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m now deciding how to incorporate reading into my face chat time with my grandsons now three and four.
    I also use a pull basket for about 20 years now. I used to say I can’t wait until I’m old enough to be a bag lady!
    That little lemonade stand is so cute! Good luck to Olivia’s new goal!


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