Circle tour of love…

The circle tour of love is winding down and I’ll be back home with Mr. Smith on Monday. He tells me he thinks about me constantly. He looks around the new apartment at all the boxes and thinks “I can’t wait for Stormy to get home and get these unpacked!” Soon, dearest, soon. But today I’m headed to State College, PA for a much anticipated visit with Eleanor.

I am thrilled to report that my intrepid mother-in-law weathered her surgery in fine form, came home the same day, and is well on the road to recovery.

She is one amazing woman.

After spending a few days with Pat while she recuperated, I went back down to my sister’s. My time there happily coincided with the Ann Arbor Art Fair. We planned strategically and attended early on opening day, scurrying home after a lovely late lunch, retreating back into the air-conditioned comfort of home during one of the worst heat waves in memory.

These cool concrete books in front of the William L. Clements Library on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, MI along the Art Fair route caught my eye.

I couldn’t be so close to my gaggle of granddaughters without popping up there for a visit. I took some vintage clothes pins and lots of trimmings of feathers, fabric, pom poms and sparkly pipe cleaners and we made clothes pin dolls.

This beauty was made by Emily.
Olivia never met a craft project she didn’t like!
Emily’s fairy doll.
Elizabeth was all about the pom poms!

Saturday night was back to my sister’s for a last lovely dinner out, complete with cocktails. I am delighted to have been able to make this trip, but I am looking forward to returning to the love nest in the sky and Mr. Smith, boxes and all.

C’est la vie.

1 thought on “Circle tour of love…

  1. Your granddaughters look so happy! Thanks for yet again one more idea for crafts for when I visit my grandsons in Dec. I can not wait! I love book statues too.


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