Moving on up…

Move in day started early yesterday with a 4:30 a.m. fire alarm at our hotel. Happily, no one was injured, but we could have used a little more sleep! We were eventually allowed back into the hotel. We tried to get a little more sleep but knowing all our worldly possessions were on their way, it was hard to go back to sleep. So, we got ready to roll, grabbed Starbucks and went to the new apartment.

Waiting on the movers.
View from the living/dining room.

The movers arrived and proceeded to get everything off the truck, into the elevator and up to our apartment.

EVERY room in the apartment is now filled with boxes, paper, and our stuff. While we are still a long way from having everything in its place, we are on our way. And having been up since 4:30, we agreed Rome wasn’t built in a day and that it would all be there for us (me) in the morning. We ended the day with drinks and dinner, toasting this great adventure of life.

Cheers to a new adventure…

C’est la vie.

8 thoughts on “Moving on up…

  1. Stormy!!! Remember me?? I don’t remember how I found your blog, but read it and enjoyed it for some time until I realized it was YOU!!! What a life you are living, and I am incredibly envious!!

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  2. Love the view! Looking at the wood floor & the 2 windows behind you reminds me a little of the apartment we had on W. Madison in A2. Loved that place!


  3. It does look like a lot of work – but when it is done – what a view – looks quite wonderful. Don’t overdo. Happy living to both of you.


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