I got to be moving on…

The movers arrive Friday to pack up all our worldly possessions.  On Saturday, they will load them onto a large truck and drive away.  While preparing for our move to Pennsylvania, Mr. Smith and I have been spent snatches of time the last couple weeks visiting some of our favorite places in the Ithaca area, saying “goodbye” to this chapter of our life and this beautiful location.  The Finger Lakes area is absolutely gorgeous (Ithaca is Gorges!) and we have sweet memories of the lakes, wineries and restaurants.  We will definitely miss Aurora Street and its plentiful choice of al fresco summertime dining  and cozy cafes for winter.

Now, onward, ever onward. We stand ready to begin the next chapter of our lives.  We are excited to be living 125 miles from our youngest son. It also puts us closer to our DC kids.  While we’ll still be about the same distance from Elliot and his family, I’m going to take a bit of a break from full-time employment and am anticipating a visit or two to see my marvelous granddaughters!

Moving is a pain and change is rarely without its challenges.  Mr. Smith and I have made plenty of moves and plenty of challenges during our forty years of wedded bliss.  We feel lucky that we’ve been able to weather the impediments without killing each other and grateful that we still get along!

So I’m putting on blinders to any irritations that may pop up during the moving process and focusing forward.  I want to remind myself of the new adventures that lie ahead and what I’m looking forward to in our new home:

1. Living closer to New York City!

2. Reconnecting with some old friends and meeting new people.

3. More time to devote to writing.

4.  Sitting in our new light-filled apartment and reading a book.

5. A break from the 9-5 and taking a moment to breathe.


Please check out the blog on Sunday when my sister, Jeanne, muses on the advantages of aging…

C’est la vie.

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