I’m on vacation…

This past Friday, May 31, was Mr. Smith’s official birthday. We both had to work, but went out that evening for a lovely dinner at The Boatyard Grill and dined on delicious surf and turf! Back home, I had made a cake and he sang happy birthday to himself!

Carrot cake, the official Smith family birthday cake.

Saturday we were busy getting me ready for another road trip! I’m taking some items to store in my sister’s basement to see if I miss them or should just donate and some things to Elliot and Becky that we won’t be using in the new digs. Packing the car is always a treat, a bit of a game of Tetris!

But now I’m on vacation, hanging with my sister and enjoying her fabulous hospitality. Friday we will head down to see our adored niece in Indiana and have a girls’ night. And then Saturday, the big reason for the road trip, I’ll head to Becky and Elliot’s and get to attend Olivia and Emily’s dance recital! I don’t get to go every year so that makes it a special treat!

Vacation, sister, granddaughters. Life is good…

C’est la vie.

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