Ninety and fabulous…

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

Who is this old woman who looks back at me in the mirror?  Ninety is my age, but I can still feel the warmth of the sun as I lie in the field behind my childhood house.  I am still a little girl in a patch of brown-eyed Susans, and I liked that no one could see me.  I am still the little girl who gloried in a box of eight new crayons that were all mine and a new coloring book to use them in.  I am still the 16-year old making my first prom dress and dreaming of the magical dance.  I am still a bride – smiling at my love and saying “I do”.  I am still the new mother snuggling this sweet baby who grew in my body. He is as soft as a rose petal and I glory in it.  I am still the young mother who held each child so close and loved dearly.  I am still the young mother with so many children – making time to love them.  I am still the young woman who makes time to learn her art.  I am still the new grandmother holding my first grandchild and taking in the joy of this being.  I am still the empty nester enjoying the freedom of having time.  I am still this woman but often feel like a child.  I am still amazed of the wonderful things my love and I did.  I am still the young woman who could walk faster than any of her children.  I am still a daughter as I see my parents age.  I still feel as a child as I say my final goodbyes to them.  

Time passes to quickly and so much happens.  I still remember my last few moments with my love.  I still feel the pain of loss.  I am growing older, but my mind sees me as young.  Who is the old woman who looks back at me in the mirror?

Gramma Pat on her 90th birthday with her great-grandchildren.

1 thought on “Ninety and fabulous…

  1. Grandma, thanks so much for this guest post! Even at 30-something, I can relate to the difference between how I feel, how I see myself, and what I see reflected back at me by the mirror or other people. I hope that I too can be 90 and fabulous someday!


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