Road trip…

I’m driving in my car….

I’m on a road trip sans Mr. Smith.  I have visited my grandsons, driven to Ohio with my daughter-in-law, and now I’m spending a couple of days in Michigan with my sister.  Yesterday we drove up into the thumb to visit my mother-in-law.  We made a casserole, jumped in the car and drove north.

The first time I met my future husband’s mother, I had no idea what a force she was to be reckoned with. Born and raised In Detroit, she was one of eight children.  After marrying the love of her life and raising her own eight children, she went on to graduate from the University of Michigan at age 51 with a degree in Fine Arts. Since that time, she’s worked as an artist in many areas including woodworking, painting, quilting and weaving.

She’s been my mother-in-law for forty years and during that time I’ve gotten to know her and discover the many things I admire about her.  Here are my top ten (just imagine Dave Letterman’s voice as you read these):

            10.       She appreciates a good cocktail and loves to receive a bottle of good scotch.

            9.         She’s an extremely independent woman, strong and direct.

            8.         She’s a snappy dresser and is admired by many.

            7.         She’s an impeccable seamstress.  For example, she fashioned her own wedding dress from a World War Two parachute.

            6.         She’s been openminded through decades of cultural changes.

            5.         She doesn’t complain, even though she faces challenges.

            4.         She has never interfered in my marriage.

            3.         She remains open to new adventures and mastering new skills.

            2.         She thinks my grandchildren are as beautiful as I do.

And the number one reason I admire (and love) my mother-in-law:

  1.         She bore my Mr. Smith.

Check out the blog this Sunday when Patricia Ann Smith is my first ever guest blogger.

C’est la vie.

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