Letters of love…

Happy Wednesday. The week is certainly rolling along. I’ve been working on the correspondence kits for my grandchildren. I’m collecting note cards, stickers, stationary and other fun items for each of them, hoping to inspire some letter writing on their behalf. As is everything in my life, it’s a work in progress. The “box” I had originally envisioned has become a zippered folio envelope that I will emblazon with their names.

I’m excited to get these kits finished and in the mail to my darlings. I’m taking it a bit easy on myself (and them) the first time and sending them “fill in” letters – favorite color, favorite sport, I wish I could … I’ll provide them with a grandma-addressed, stamped envelope and wait for their responses to start filling my mailbox.

I used something similar for Camp Grandma 2018. A couple of weeks before Camp Grandma, I wrote them all letters asking some questions like a meal they’d like to have at Camp Grandma, their favorite snack or a craft they would like to do when we were together. Mr. Smith printed me some Camp Grandma postcards addressed to Camp Grandma Headquarters for the grandkids to respond with. It was always a good day when I found one of their responses in the mail.

I find this type of keeping in touch with my grandchildren priceless. I’m not giving up email or texting, but nothing will every fill my heart like finding a handwritten letter from one of my beloved grandchildren in my mailbox.

C’est la vie.

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