Wednesday, Wednesday…

Things to ponder on a gloomy Wednesday morning, when really I should be working.

Should I let me hair go gray?  When I see a woman with a beautiful head of gray hair I always think, hmmmm.  Perhaps it’s time?

When do you stop worrying about your children?  My youngest is over 30…  Probably never, I am a mom.

How will I look in my white jeans this summer?  Actually, I don’t even know why I would ponder on this. I’m the person who ALWAYS manages to spill, drip, rub up against something.  I really have no business wearing white jeans.

What to keep and what to toss of the cards, letters, notes you’ve saved over 40 years?  Do I toss now or leave that job for my children?  I think I’ll hang onto my memories a bit longer.

Daylight Savings Time – hate it or love it?  I know how I feel on this one…

C’est la vie.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday, Wednesday…

  1. I wonder about the hair. The fact I hate the smell of dye decides for me. I never stop worrying about those I love. I sort through cards, enjoying reading, but every year I let go of a few. I can’t wear anything white either, at least not for very long. I’m glad Arizona doesn’t go on DST, but it’s a little frustrating trying to remember if I’m two three hours behind my friends on the East Coast.


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