You’ve got mail…

Mr. Smith often comments on my “stream of consciousness” thinking. While it seems to sometimes annoy him, I’m sure he truly finds it endearing.

All my thinking about snail mail and my letter from my Aunt Ruby made me think about my grandchildren and letters I could write to them. I decided to make them each a “correspondence box”. I’m collecting paper, envelopes, stickers, stamps, Washi tape and more and making them each a box of letter writing supplies that I hope they will use to write to me and others. I’m tailoring each box to that grandchild’s particular interests and likes.

I’ve set a goal of writing one letter to each grandchild per month. I’ve even made a little graph to keep track and make sure I don’t miss a month for anyone. I do have seven grandchildren.

I look forward to sending them knock-knock jokes, telling them a little bit about my life when I was their age and sharing what grandpa and I have been doing for fun. Henry has quite an interest in cooking, so I think I’ll send him a recipe that we can make together when I visit. Sam loves LeBron James so I’ll be looking for some LeBron James facts to share with him. And Olivia loves reading as much as I do, so I’ll be sharing with her titles of books I read at her age.

As a long-distance grandparent, I’m always looking for ways to stay close. And now I’ll be looking for letters in my mailbox…

C’est la vie…

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