I’m too old to go to prison…

A constant challenge for bloggers is what to write. One way I deal with this is to keep a notebook of topics I think may make an interesting blog post. You know how you can suddenly hear or see something that inspires you and you think that could make a good subject to write about. When that happens, I try to get it written down quickly before the idea escapes.

In looking over my notebook last night, I was trying to remember what I was thinking when I jotted down “I’m too old to go to prison”

How on earth do you write down a topic like that and not know where it came from.  Was I considering trying to get 20 items through the 10 items only lane at the grocery store?  Was I taking a chance and parking 20 minutes in the 15 minutes only parking section by the library?

I more or less play by the rules. I (usually) drive the speed limit.  I have no outstanding parking tickets. I pay my taxes.  I could be out in the Indiana countryside in the middle of the night with no one around for miles and I would still stop at every stop sign.

So, what on earth was I toying with when the only thing that kept me from following through was the thought of prison!  Although reruns of tv shows like Orange Is the New Black could surely give me some pointers on surviving the event, this is one adventure that is not on my bucket list.

I do hope one of my peeps is standing by with bail money.  Just in case I’m not the rules girl I thought I was.

C’est la vie…

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