Thanks Mother Nature…

We arrived home from Granddaughter Lallapalooza after two days of travel and were greeted with…

Is that Mr. Smith’s car???

At the end of a long trip when your husband has a 5:40 flight in the morning, this is not what you want to see! We chose to leave it buried and wait for the 40 degree days that were in the forecast to help us out. I lovingly (crazily) agreed to get up at 4:30 the next morning to drive Mr. Smith to the airport in my snow-free car.

So now I have a few days to myself. While I’m trying to get caught up at work and home (vacation laundry!), I’ve also had some time to think about being a grandparent. I didn’t grow up with grandparents. Both of my parents lost their parents when they were very young, so I grew up without that relationship. Much of what we learn in life we learn by example and luckily I have had other wonderful people in my life along the way. But lacking that specific relationship in my life, I have been musing on what makes a good grandparent.

And part of my musing caused me to wonder what my children think makes a good grandparent. Check in on Sunday to see what my three sons think are the best attributes in grandparents…

C’est la vie…

3 thoughts on “Thanks Mother Nature…

  1. love your musings!
    you ARE especially nice to get up that early and drive to the airport.
    talk about love.
    can’t wait to find out what the jury/sons say.
    ~with baited breath….


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