Soup’s on!

I am a very lucky woman for many reasons, but not the least of which is that Mr. Smith loves to cook. You won’t spot him doing housework or laundry, but he does do over 90% of the cooking and I’m good with that.

Not only does he do the cooking, he also plans the meals and does the grocery shopping. For the winter months he’s been providing us with delicious soup dinners. He has mastered a plethora of soups – tomato, onion, mushroom, split pea, vegetable and bean. Looking in our freezer at all the containers of the soup he has lovingly prepared for us is a very satisfying experience. He is close friends with the crock pot and makes our little townhouse smell delicious. Working just a couple of miles from home, he will often pop home at lunch time and put our dinner on to warm.

In deference to the new year and eating healthier, I’m providing you his favorite vegetable soup recipe from Cooking Classy (Vegetable Soup) which we have enjoyed on many an evening. I hope you will enjoy it too. Sharing a tasty soup dinner is a lovely way to spend a January evening.

C’est la vie…